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12 experiences with money saved

12 once-in-a-lifetime things you can do with the money you saved when you moved house


So, if you’re reading this it’s a pretty
safe bet that you’re moving house. Or maybe you’re just bored at work and skiving off on the internet, we’re not here to judge. Anyway, if you are selling your house you might like to know that you’re definitely not alone. The average person moves home 11.7 times in their lifetime. We aren’t too sure what the 0.7 of a move is – maybe that accounts for that time you were a student and crashed on a buddy’s sofa for a week. Now to just inject a teeny tiny bit of maths (don’t worry, it’s super easy maths). According to the Office of National Statistics, the average house price in the U.K. recently topped £250,000 for the first time ever. Using this as a starting point, this means moving house costs around £10,400. This covers some inevitable costs such as stamp duty, cleaning and changing locks, but often up to half of this amount goes straight to estate agent fees. That’s £5,200 that you could be saving. In case you’re somehow still in doubt about whether you want to save £5,200, here are some suggestions of what you could spend that money on. 12 suggestions to be precise (because we couldn’t figure out how to give 0.7 of a suggestion).

1 – Experience weightlessness. You don’t have to go to space. A flight on a zero-gravity simulator plane costs £2989. Essentially, the pilot will take you up to 34,000 and then throw the plane around all over the place (that isn’t how they describe it), which creates a genuine simulation of weightlessness. It’s a bit like when you go over a hill in car too quickly and your stomach lurches, but on a much bigger scale.

2 – Bungee jump into an active volcano. For £5800, the creatively named Volcano Bungee company in Chile will put you up for six nights close to an active volcano, fly you over the volcano in a helicopter, and shove you out with glorified elastic tied to your ankles. Now, that’s a story for parties.

3 – Kayak with whales in Alaska. For £2240, a family of four can go on one of many supervised whale spotting trips and kayak alongside dolphins, orcas and even enormous hump-back whales.

4 – Explore the Antarctic. Quark Expeditions run adventures to the Antarctic on their specially designed vessels, so you don’t have to be Captain Scott to set foot on the 7th continent. 12 day voyages start at £3300. If you’ve always fancied yourself as an explorer, or just find penguins endlessly funny, this could be the trip of a lifetime.

5 – Dive with a 15ft crocodile. Diving with sharks is so last year. At Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin, Australia, you can climb into a plastic tube and be lowered into a crocodile enclosure. All for the bargain price of £133 for two people.

6 – Chase a tornado. If you’ve ever seen Twister, you know what I’m talking about. Those guys that drive around in jeeps and get scarily close to tornados? Well, for £1640, they’ll take you along with them. And if it all goes wrong, you can always buy your new home in the Land of Oz.

7 – Have dinner for two at 5 Michelin star restaurants. Not one, but FIVE. If that doesn’t put £5200 into perspective, what will? The tasting menu at London’s 3-Michelin star restaurant Alaine Ducasse at The Dorchester cost £180 per person with wine. Heston Bluementhal’s The Fat Duck comes in at £220 per person, not including wine. But hey, you’ve saved £5200, you deserve a treat!

8 – Take a scary taxi ride around the Nuremberg ring. This is the longest race track in the world. Car hire places in the area specify (perhaps sensibly) that they will not hire a vehicle to anybody they suspect will be taking it to the track. If you drive the track in your own car, wave goodbye to your insurance. But for £75 a professional nutter/race car driver will speed you around the track at over 100mph.

9 – Take a flight in a fighter jet. A 60 minute flight in a fighter jet costs £2060. The pilot pulls a whole load of high-g maneuvers (we guess that’s loop-the-loops and such like) and the company website includes the extremely unreassuringly reassurance that all planes are fitted with ejection seats “for your safety”.

10 – Go to every U.K. music festival (with a friend). Tickets to the U.K’s biggest music festivals cost between £210 – £130 for full weekend admission. With the £5200 you saved by using, you could take a friend to every major festival and still have money left over for a tent and some cold beers.

11 – Buy a Harley and tour around Europe. A second-hand Harley Davidson motorbike will set you back around £3500 (make sure it’s been fully safety checked!) You can use the left over £1700 to speed down to Italy and grab a pizza, or ride the mountain roads of The Alps.

12 – Spend five nights in Dubai’s 7-star hotel. The cheapest (I use that word extremely lightly) room in the Burj Al Arab hotel costs £1000 per night. Although, given you’ve just bought the house of your dreams, you probably won’t fancy five nights in a luxury hotel, right?

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