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Diary of a House Seller: Week Three

More Viewings and Offers

Who would have thought that a three-bedroom terraced house in Macclesfield would generate so much interest?Online Estate Agents

We had our fifth viewing last Sunday. We’re getting used to showing people around the house and answering their questions before they’ve asked them. By the following day they’d made an offer but we said we’d think about it as we’re getting a lot of interest. then rang me on the Monday to tell me that four more parties were interested in the property. They arranged four viewings for one night which is great because most of the viewers are busy young couples like us, and it means I only have to tidy the house once!

The estate agent is emailing me with names, times and the situation of the different viewers which is really helpful as it means we don’t have to write it all down. As I work full-time I can be quite hard to get hold of but I still feel like I’m being kept up to date with what is going on.

So we had the viewings on Wednesday night and they all turned up. There was a young couple with a young son, two couples without any children and two separated women. They all gave positive feedback so we’re waiting to see whether we’ll get any more offers.

It’s shocked me how after just one viewing people are making offers, because when we purchased this house we’d been to it two or three times. Viewers have said that properties are getting snapped up quickly so they have to react quickly, and friends and family who have bought recently have also said the same thing.

So, two offers and nine viewings in a week… we’re unsure of what to do at the moment, but by the time of the next blog we may have accepted an offer!


Charlotte and her partner are a young couple living in Cheshire. She is recording their experience of selling their house online with Keep checking the website for her latest updates.


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