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Best places to buy property in North England

Best places to buy property in North England (a first time buyer’s guide)


Buying houses is an expensive game, that won’t come as a surprise. Did you know that the average age of a first time buyer is now 36? In 1999, 54% of first time buyers in the UK were under 25. So, if you’re still renting, you’re by no means alone. But if you are managing to take your first step onto the property ladder, here are some great ideas for where to buy. If you’re looking in the South of the country, we’ve got you covered there too!

York, North Yorkshire

Not only is York beautiful and filled with castles (which is cool), but you can scoop up a two bedroom semi-detached for under £200,000. For couples and singles, one bedroom flats in new builds go for as little as £135,000 and family houses of up to four bedrooms, with large gardens, sell for an average price of £330,000. For young couples not quite ready to settle down in the suburbs, York is a great lively town with awesome bars, pubs, clubs and restaurants and incredible shopping.


There’s so much going on in Leeds, in part due to the large student population. In August you’ll be just a stone’s throw away from Leeds Festival, there are loads of cool little boutique shops inside the Leeds Corn Exchange and the Leeds International Film Festival spans 17 days every November. But down to the matter of property prices. A nice feature of Leeds is that buyers on smaller budgets are by no means tied down to new builds. 4-bed redbrick townhouses range from £300,000 – £350,000, whereas new one and two bedroom apartments sell for as little as £100,000.

Hull, Yorkshire

Stay with us a second on this one. We know Hull doesn’t tend to have the best reputation, but there are actually some really nice areas in the city, and in the surrounding villages. And with Hull being awarded City of Culture for 2017, a fair amount of trade and tourism is sure to be headed for the city. It’s also one of very few cities where you can get a three bedroom property for less than £150,000.


Probably the most affordable properties on this list, Sheffield could be a great choice for buyers looking for a lively place to live, but who have been priced out of a lot of other cities, where prices are skyrocketing. Sheffield seems to have largely escaped this leap in prices, with loads of one and two beds on the market for under £150,000. Sheffield also seems to have a particular fondness for bungalows, with a large number of newly renovated three bed bungalows on the market for under £300,000.

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