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Diary of a House Seller: Week One

Choosing an Agent

Well, we’ve decided to put our home on the market! I have been living in my current house with my partner for around two years now. We bought it as a project and renovated theCharlotte 1st property while we were living in it, as my partner is a joiner. It’s a three-bedroom house on a private road with a driveway, extended open plan kitchen/diner and a loft conversion.

We have loved spending time on our home but are putting it up for sale because we want a larger property with a garage and we’re looking for another renovation project.

When it came to choosing an estate agent, we had no recommendations or previous experience to go on. At first, we randomly picked a couple of well-known high street estate agents just to come and look at the house. They gave us a lot of positive feedback on the property but also spent too much time talking about how many awards they’d won and how many offices they had across the country, which we weren’t really interested in. After a bit of deliberation, they gave us a valuation of £175-180k.

We then spoke to a couple of online estate agents as a family friend had sold their house within a week using one. The online agent was impressed with the house and showed me some interesting statistics about how many people search for property online now, and you save a lot of money by paying a low upfront fee rather than the 1.25% commission we would’ve paid with the high street agents.

So we’ve decided to list online and see if the savings and service do add up…watch this space for next week’s update!

Charlotte x

Charlotte and her partner are a young couple living in Cheshire. She is recording their experience of selling their house online with Keep checking the website for her latest updates.


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